Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü and Sugar): killer new video, new album

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It sounds agreeably Sugar-y!

I had an unfortunate reaction to the word “killer” in the headline. The phrase that flashed through my head was something like; “wait, will it never end?” referring to people I admire dying. Then I realized that that’ll only happen when I stop admiring people.
I’m glad to see that instead it’s another good song from a man responsible for so many.

I saw Huskers for 3 USD. The two guys I was with tried to argue the ticket seller down. They didn’t go in.
The audience seemed confused. A friend said that it was because they didn’t expect to be better looking than the band. I think that they found their lack of pretense alarming.
Great show despite the lack of audience participation.


Separated at birth? Pesco and Bob Mould?


But with your taste in spectacle shapes and Rob’s flannel addiction.

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I was lucky enough to see Bob play back in October at the end of that alone period he talked about in the stereogum interview and he looked to just be so full of joy to be playing - one guy, his guitar, and his songs, just blasting them to a room full of people who were there for him. It was one of the best nights of music I’ve ever experienced. Whatever he’s been trying to get through, I’m glad he has and hope to see him again soon…

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