Bob Mould: gay dance parties, punk rock, state fairs


this guy is punk? he looks like a psychoanalyst.

bob mould is so punk he doesn’t even have to look it.


If you ain’t listened to Marc Maron’s WTF interview with Bob Mould, you should oughtta.

Why is it surprising a guy in his 50s could DJ? It’s not as if it was an athletic feat. Though I suppose the ravers might get tired of Duke Ellington after a while.


Are you kidding? Duke Ellington was a total badass, as most older jazz musicians are. Kind of like Cohen the Barbarian, you don’t get to be old in that business unless you’re very very good at it.

This girl is also more punk rock than you.
(Tweet by Anonyops. PS Butterflies.)


Hilarious. My ex girlfriend who was oh so very punk rock (and was also a hedge fund manager, of spoiled midwestern rich girl provenance) was really into Bob Mould. I’ve come to realize that Bob Mould is the punk rocker for angsty privileged white kids, who have mistaken their emo angry entitlement with something else. Lol, Bob Mould. Goes great with Marc Jacobs jeans.

Makes me want to reach out to the poor dear and provide her with some good punk music. Jello wrote scathing lyrics, but has an intolerable voice.

Also, thinking back on it, Dead Kennedys were still releasing new records when I was 15. :frowning:

Distinctive? Arresting? Without tremulous shame? Yes.

Only to the man, man.

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