LISTEN: The Niihau Incident

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One thing I learned, from Wikipedia regarding Niihau:

Niʻihau, the westernmost and second smallest of the primary Hawaiian Islands, has been privately owned by the Robinsons, a white kamaʻaina family, since 1864.
$10k in gold for the whole shebang. Kuku kachu Misses Robinsons.

One thing I learned about Niihau from a trip I took to Kauai last summer: Kauai gets all its rain. Since the mountainous center of Kauai gets between 50 and 100 inches of rain a year (okay, I got that figure from Wikipedia), by the time the prevailing winds blow any clouds past it, there’s no more rain to drop on Niihau 18 miles away, and Niihau suffers lots of droughts, often ones that force the residents to go to Kauai for a spell.

I did not expect that.


I don’t like podcasts much but like @wrecksdart I looked up the wiki. I’d never even heard of this at all.

the real take-away, for me, was how the only non-native Hawaiians on the island at the time were Japanese-Americans who for some damned reason gave aid to the pilot, thereby casting a cloud over the reliability of all Japanese-American citizens in the eyes of the government, who ultimately screwed that community over with the camps.

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