Listen to a ragtime piano medley of Super Mario Bros. music

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Watch Tom Brier, neckbeard ragtime savant, sight-read another song from Mario.


Super Mario WorldCastle Theme” is best Mario theme.

Unfortunately the arpeggiation is a little too fast to play cleanly on a real pipe organ.

Can a fast piece on a large organ ever sound clear? It’s a big instrument in a bigger room. All of the French organ rockstar toccatas from the 19th century all sound a bit smooshed…

It can’t be easy to mike up one of those beasts, either. I thought it was pretty good.

When my ship comes in, I’ll build a giant pipe organ in a room with acoustic damping on all the walls. Then we’ll hear what those virtuosic organ pieces were meant to sound like!

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Thanks for the ragtime version - well done. For my family we hold dear the beatboxing flautist Greg Pattilo and his version of Mario’s Theme

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