Super Mario Bros. theme added to Library of Congress

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I’m actually surprised it’s not already in there!

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Maybe in another 5 - 10 years Tim Follin will get a track added (timestamp isn’t working, tried to link to 13 minutes 51 seconds for NES Pictionary).

Agreed, although I looked at the list and it included “Like a Virgin”, Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas (is you)”, and stairway to heaven. So it isn’t exactly up to date. It appears this particular registry only started in 2001 and has been slowly adding stuff from the entire history of recorded music.

Here is the whole list:

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I don’t know about that, but certainly a great example of doing more with less.

The NES sound chip was impressive for its time but it still only had a very limited amount of channels to work with. Here’s some interesting deconstructions:

There are so many good covers of this tune. On my desktop alone, there are 4 different styles of instrumentation and talented performers.

Look for these two:

Gitarrenduo Funk Wegener - New Day Dawning
The Vignola Collective - Gypsy Grass

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