Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots perform the "Super Mario Bros." theme

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Aww. I saw the headline and thought they were going to break out the schoolroom instruments again.

Those make me so happy.


I remember when Miyamoto and The Roots played the Hollywood Bowl back in '96, when they were touring in support of Super Mario 64. Great show. (I fell asleep during the Water Level theme, though.)

disclaimer: this may have taken place in an alternate reality


Aw yeah, thank you for posting this.
I needed that now.

I watched until I saw Fallon unexpectedly walking across the stage. Then it was ruined. Some mention of the source would have been good—Fallon died the day he jovially petted Trump’s hair, and I don’t want to give clicks to his corpse.


Never forget.


Come January, Jimmy will have had an “accident”.


I keep coming back to v for vendetta but it is remarkably apt…

The jester is usually the first to lose his head when the king gets bored.


It’s a shame what the venerable Tonight Show has become. One of the digitial networks shows the old Carson episodes late at night, and some of them are just amazing. Fallon’s problem is that he sucks as an interviewer, and he knows it. That’s why they indulge in all the stunts and games. It eats up time where he would otherwise be giving a bad interview.

Personally. I think he’ll be off the show within 2 years, even though he’s contracted through 2021, unless he gets his well known drinking problem under control.

But he’s better than Leno at least, right?

(Seems no one at all liked Leno at the end.)

GOLDENEYE! Now that was the sheeyit.

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Watched this last night and loved it. The Mario theme has been my ear worm lately

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