Listen to a story told in a 6000-year-old extinct language


“…suggesting that they all evolved from a common ancestor.”

See, you secularists just have to drag evolution into everything, don’t you? Why can’t you just go with the simpler explanation? When God threw down the Tower of Babel and confused all human speech, as related in Genesis 11, he obviously only confused it a little bit. This is prima facie evidence of God’s mercy, quod erat demonstrandum. See, science isn’t all that hard!

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So, this means everybody was scottish ?


PIE was also the language used by the Architects in Prometheus, and the language David was studying at the beginning of the film.

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I’ve always heard the claim that Lithuanian was the Indo-European language that was most like the archaic PIE. It would be interesting to hear this same passage spoken in Lithuanian for comparison.

Both of them were.

It sounds like a Klingon ate an Elf.

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I think the usual claim is that Lithuanian is close to Sanskrit, not PIE?
(Though I guess Sanskrit is closer to PIE than most known languages, so … )

That claim is just about the same as saying that Italian is closest to Latin. OK, maybe, but still a many centuries removed, and thus the claim is mostly meaningless (except, perhaps to linguists). It’s not like a Lithuanian would listen to this and go “Oh, yeah. Grampa used to tell me that story.”

I was shocked at how much this sounded like my daughter practicing her Latin.

It sounds nothing like my Israeli relatives chattering in Hebrew – but modern Hebrew is rarely spoken with such calmness and poetic intent :smile:

Well, not this - this is speculative PIE, not sanskrit. :wink:
Not that lithuanian and sanskrit are siblings either, but they do seem to be closer. (From what I gather, it’s a case of lithuanian being very conservative, while sanskrit is just plain old).

On a related note, just how impenetrable is latin to someone that speaks italian? Is it like old norse to me, where I can sort of guess at sentences but a bunch of the words are derived so far I only see the connection after looking at a translation?

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I don’t know, the story’s okay, but it kind of lacks some punch. Maybe it could add a sabre-tooth tiger attack or something. I don’t care if it’s not the right era, it’s a story.

Also, I don’t wanna be ‘that guy’, but it also totally fails the Bechdel Test.

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