Listen to Marvin Gaye sing "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" in an isolated vocal track

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This is the best song for the current political situation, isn’t it?


May I suggest


Hearing that amazing voice make me embarrassed when I open my mouth


Damn! Bone chilling.

Side note: 29 trackers on this post, BB? Really??

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“I don’t know what to tell you… I’ve got nothing. Absolutely nothing.” —Autotune


I’m the kind of odd duck who’d rather hear the isolated Funk Brothers portion of the track. Man those guys could play. Nothing against Marvin, he had real talent, but they could take anyone and make them sound like a star.

here’s the original version if you’re so inclined

The Rapson edit used the stems to great effect:

The isolated instrumentals of Marvin are wonderful too -

I think the isolated track of all of the band members inhaling is fairly remarkable, myself.
Hmm… What did I do with that link…?

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