Listen to spies' shortwave radio broadcasts

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Makes me think of a book I read about the people at Bletchley Park who worked to break the Enigma messages during WWII.

This one is the sound track of my nightmares.

SX-28, nice receiver!

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While coming across a numbers station while scanning the shortwave dial is interesting, I have the Conet Numbers Project on my ipod and find I am mostly annoyed when it comes up on shuffle.

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Now if someone could explain to me what I was hearing when my brother and I would dial, in order, every number on the old touch tone landlines. Over the error beeping it sounded like some kind of free party line everyone had stumbled onto. All kinds of accents. Rarely people ever replied to us, but it sounded like everyone was trying to talk inbetween the beeps. “Jed, is that you? I haven’t talked to you in forever.” I know it’s off topic, but it’s been bugging me since I was a kid.

Same! It terrifies me every time a random track comes on, and my son always says, “Dad - please skip that - it’s freaking me out.” I honestly don’t know why I have it on my iPhone…

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I bet the signoff isn’t “conet,” but “konets” (конец), which is “end” in Russian.

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