Listen to Tycho's sunrise DJ set from Burning Man

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Just like the noise in my head.


I love the smell of sand storms in the morning!


really great. can’t wait until Muloka ramps up his collection for 2018… his complilations keep me in burning man music until the next burn.


I was just listening to Tycho on my bus commute home from work! It’s like listening to a big sigh.


It makes me feel cool that one of my favorite chill artists did music for Burning Man. I never had a chance to go, because when it was cool I was in grade school, and when I was older I was on an opposite coast.

TBH I probably will never go. People I’ve met who have say it’s getting too big, the culture is not the same. I sympathize with that. I have been attending Defcon for years and feel the same way about it… too big, too corporate, too many rich n00bs over enthusiastic (but poor) vets.

Does anyone have suggestions for smaller events to check out? Or artists? (I’ll be keeping an eye out for Tycho shows in my area for example)

While it is great that there is a list of artists, a way to figure out which artist is much more difficult. Timestamps adjoining the artists names would be much more helpful.

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  1. Ignore the naysayers, @anon62577920. I’ve gone 13 times since '96, and the core culture - peppered as it is with the occasional entitled non-participant tourist or selfish rich jerk - is just as strong as ever. In fact, it’s artistically richer, even more generous and more engaging now.

  2. You’re never too old. I work Gate at BRC and have welcomed 85-year-olds on their first burn, and heard tell of a 92-year-old who went and loved it. But the younger you are when you do go, the stronger you’ll be and the more likely to participate, not just spectate. So don’t wait.

  3. Look for regional burns in your area - your nearest large city may have an event that will give you nearly all of the vibe and none of the dust so you can dip your toe in without risking too much time/money. Info here:


Not sure where you are currently located but Utah has a pretty vibrant local burn, Element 11.

I know many burners here in Salt Lake who have stopped going to Burning Man and only attend the Element 11 event.



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I look forward to these Tycho sunrise sets every year. No interest in BM as a thing to do myself, but I’m glad that other people are doing it. Check out the other BM sets on Tycho’s SoundCloud, they’re all there going back to 2014. Last year’s set opened with a Sensations Fix tune that caused me to immediately purchase the album it was from.

You know a set is going to be solid when it starts with Fila.

… and… done! Gracias.

How darude of you to notice!

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Many Some of these tracks can be easily identified from the lyrics (such as they are)

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