Listen to vinyl anywhere with this extremely portable record player

Enkling the younger scored a stereo set-up at a garage sale for $20
turntable, amp, equalizer, cassette decks cables and cabinet
a neighbor got excited about an actual vinyl set-up and gifted him 4 speakers

First album? Yes: Fragile (he played The Fish 3 or 4 times in a row once the whole side had played)

When Halloween rolled around we put a Screamin Jay Hawkins vinyl best of on the platter


Weight: 3.2 oz (91 gm)
The average LP record weigh about 120-150 gram … without sleeves and cardboard!

“Frequently bought with”:

Telescopic handle on a reinforced trolley-board system
Holds approximately 90 records
Extra-thick removable 1" padding all around
Removable padded shoulder strap
3 additional exterior pockets for headphones, needles and other accessories

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As a novelty product, OK. As far as either an “extremely portable” means of enjoying music or as a means of enjoying vinyl it seems to be lacking.

You want extreme portability get an iPod nano. You want vinyl then get a proper turntable.


That would get rid of skips, hiss, and maybe even dust on the LP. But it still wouldn’t improve dynamic range. The best scratchings of an analog track into a piece of plastic will never match the best digital recordings. Not when it comes to accuracy.

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Isn’t the compressed range part of the “warmth” or whatever?


Exactly. Which is fine, if that’s how you want to listen to music. But you can use a DSP to apply any kind of distortion you want, and you can do it to a source that will never scratch, never break, never degrade. Make any music you want sound as “warm” as you want.


This thing is ridiculous. I do wish there was a current producer for something like this, though:

Any patents have long since expired!


I still enjoy my 1st generation iPod Nano from time to time, but Apple stopped making the Nano as well as all other iPods except for the iPod Touch in 2017.

More and more, these BoingBoing product tie-ins convince me I can’t trust BB for anything.

Is there NOTHING you folks won’t hype up here? Now I don’t trust (at all) the VNC service you sold me, because of reading stuff like this.

The anti-skating force on the needle in this thing is going to be some gigantic amount. Usually you want your antiskate amount to be roughly the same as the tracking force setting on your tonearm, with minor differences in tonearm geometry leading to small differences in the proper setting. The antiskate (and for that matter the tracking force) on this thing must be huge.

It looks more suited to cutting (making) records than playing them.

I’ve got one of these in my “sell this stuff on Ebay some day” box. Works great.


Needs to be tattooed on the back of the dominant hand of every single tech exec in Silicon Valley.


Liked, merely for the idea that any -ling, nearly 20 years into the 21st century, is still getting into (a) Yes (b) Fragile and © most especially, The Fish. Hope for the world, yet. :wink:

There’s a factory in China somewhere … (I’d say you could almost hold your breath - especially if anyone there reads stuff here).


There is! Unfortunately, the clones are garbage (though apparently the actual item is surprisingly good):

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I like that this stupid record van is the straw that broke the camel’s back. The years of fleeting boing-boing micro-obsessions (remember the weeks of ‘hilarious’ anagrams of subway maps?), the era of relentless sex toy ads (and subsequent Stalinist removal therof along with any mention of that boingboinger), the forced ‘look at this banana’ meme, the fact that maybe 7 out of 10 [citation needed] of Cory’s non-book-promoting posts have already been posted by another writer 2 posts further down, were all fine and dandy but a box goes in a circle and plays some 50p charity shop record thru cheap bluetooth connection… that goes TOO FAR :smiley:

The big deal is going to be wear from the device, itself. The vinyl isn’t meant for that kind of lateral shear (heavy object steered by a needle) OR abrasion on the surface.

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You sound… disappointed?


Which would be perfectly reasonable if they weren’t so dishonest about it. It’s galling to see a site that has so often railed against shady, deceptive advertising tactics turn around and pull this shit.

For my tenth birthday, I was given a transistor radio (look it up, kids). It had a wire with a plug for the radio on one end and an earplug on the other end–monaural sound, baby! After my cat got through chewing on the wire, the radio sounded like that little roving box on the LP.

Has BoingBoing partnered with the Onion?

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