RokBlok is the world's tiniest wireless record player, and it's...awesome

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Erm… Goodness grief no.

A look at the Record Runner novelty record player. A new take on the 1970s Sound Wagon - AKA the Vinyl Killer

I wouldn’t dare put anything of this design near any records you cannot afford to lose.

A fun novelty item perhaps to use with unwanted records though…


Techmoan has a video of the actual RokBlok too. It didn’t go great…


But with the RokBlok, all you’ve got to do is lay your LP >or 45 RPM single on a flat surface, let the RokBlok on >top of the vinyl and let ‘er go.

And watch it shred your records. It’s not called The Vinyl Killer without reason.

You should be ashamed, hawking such a piece of shit.


Thought i remembered watching a video on that. Couldn’t find it when searching his channel though, so posted the older one :slight_smile:

I was going to recommend against “such great product”, but I can see everyone got it covered :laughing:


It’s a record scratcher not a record player.
I think that if one wants a portable record player there are less dangerous items to search,


I have to say, if I had any vinyl left (I think the ex tossed them, sold them or donated them to goodwill)

I would prefer something like a laser to read the surface, kind of like this:

But maybe for less than $15K


This thing is a joke, of course. You know I love and come here every day for entertainment and to learn stuff. But every time I’ve bought a product recommended here I’ve been disappointed in the quality.


Hey - careful. I made a snarky comment about a cheap thing they were hawking (surprised it’s not $100…) and it got taken down.


“To some, they represent audio reproduction in its purest form” ~constant hissing noise in background~

They’re right, though. The sound coming from that thing is a million times better than the sound coming from the phone I’m watching the video on.


I like @frauenfelder’s “hey I just found a box of 3,000 neodymium magnets on Amazon for $30!” posts, though. I know Mrs. Peas has to endure the same from me and appreciate the comradeship.


Came here to say the same - don’t destroy your records with this!


“Rumbling” is probably a very apt description.

So it’s ok for any record. :wink:


I would swear I’ve seen some for less than $3k at some point.

However, that is still $2.8k more than I would pay for a laser record player.


Only to those who never bothered to understand how records work.

It still sounds like shit, though, so you’d need to connect a wireless speaker or headphones, and your phone sounds probably as good with headphones or speakers.

Phew! Close shave. You were almost disappointed in BB itself, there. You don’t want to get on the list!


Meh - as others pointed out - its a repackaged idea what isn’t great on records. I suppose in the 70s there might have been some value in PORTABLE music. But now? Play your records at home, play your MP3s etc on the go.

I swear this is like the 3rd time at least BB has posted this piece o’ crap.


I mean I don’t begrudge a free site needing to hock stuff to pay the bills but for for the love of god have some self-respect.

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I mean, that was the joke. Reproducing sound via another device will only sound as good as the device and recording being played. Like showing the picture quality of a 4K TV on a standard-def TV.