RokBlok is the world's tiniest wireless record player, and it's...awesome

I asked to be put on the list a few months ago and never made it! Disappointed that my disappointment wasn’t recorded in the registry of disappointment.

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I think it’s funny when these things show up, and people complain about it ruining their vinyl. Even high-quality players slowly deteriorate the records they play. So it’s really just a matter of degree.

You couldn’t get on the list?

I am so disappointed in you.

You’ve let me down, you’ve let the BBS down, and mostly you’ve let yourself down.

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I prefer to using white-light Interferometry.

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See, I enjoy making fun of the BoingBoing Store, but I know people actually buy this stuff. I’m tempted to write a script that autoposts to every Store post the warning:

“Anything sold by BoingBoing Store is crap. Do not buy. Read the comments first!”

I actually had been very very close to buying some headphones from another store and then saw them got promoted on BBS. Further research showed they were crap, so I will thank them for that.


Which is rather important.

My mother always told me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

So. . . no comment.

The @boingboingshop is a victim of a reboing, beaten to the punch by @beschizza of all people. With appropriate commentary on its awfulness, no less.

ETA: Unfortunately the original scathing review that Rob shared has been taken down. Oh well.


At this point technology has advanced enough that it should be possible to do this for a lot less. Maybe have a laser pickup in your bus, transmit the readings wirelessly to your PC, and have the PC process the signal into sound. I still can’t see it as commercially viable, but it might be a good project for a grad student in a laser lab.


The stylus being pushed into the record is a big design flaw. They need to suspend it and let it glide over. This is just a cheap design. It’s not worth the 100 bucks or whatever it’s going for. You can get a table that’s half decent for that price or even a little more.

Ignoring all the comments that say it doesn’t work, I still would have wondered how it does when it gets to the center of a 45. Won’t it be making tight turns way too fast at that point? It doesn’t look too stable even when rounding the very perimeter of an LP

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If you put it on the record the other way and have it drag the stylus, will you hear the record playing backwards with crystal clarity?

Forget it, Jake - it's the boingboingshop


Now that is cool.

(I did a bit of laser interferometry (stress analysis etc) way back at uni.)

at constant angular velocity centrifugal force is proportional to radius

so the edge of the record would be the most problematic, not the center

I’m not talking about spinning out, just the act of tripping over itself because it’s too awkwardly long to make the inside turn. Or pushing that needle correctly in the tighter turn. It’d be like running on a track that measured 40 feet instead of 400M while pushing a broom the whole time.

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To hell with speed skating, this is an Olympic event that I’d want to see!

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Thanks for the warning. It’s happened to me as well.

If you can’t take the heat…

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