Listen to what is likely the only voice recording of Frida Kahlo

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Muy Fabuloso!


Déja Vu:

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I’m struggling to place the accent, it is more natural version of the way movie stars of the day would deliver dialogue, if I didn’t know she grew up in Coyoacán in central Mexico I would swear she had the tiniest hint of the lilt found in the speech of the people of Veracruz instead of Mexico city. It’s a lovely voice.

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A lovely voice, & a beautiful sensitve yet dry-eyed portrait.

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The accent is interesting because it almost sounds neutral to me, her accent is quite subtle but her manner of speaking does remind me of some people i know. Her reading flow does make it apparent that she’s very well schooled.

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These are the types of finds that make me love working with archivists! :slight_smile:

Yep. Per wiki:

In 1922, Kahlo was accepted to the elite National Preparatory School, where she focused on natural sciences with the aim of becoming a doctor. The institution had only recently begun admitting women, with only 35 girls out of 2,000 students. She performed well academically, was a voracious reader, and became “deeply immersed and seriously committed to Mexican culture, political activism and issues of social justice”. The school promoted, a new sense of Mexican identity that took pride in the country’s indigenous heritage and sought to rid itself of the colonial mindset of Europe as superior to Mexico. Particularly influential to Kahlo at this time were nine of her schoolmates, with whom she formed an informal group called the “Cachuchas” – many of them would become leading figures of the Mexican intellectual elite. They were rebellious and against everything conservative and pulled pranks, staged plays, and debated philosophy and Russian classics.

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