Listen: whistleblower story that Marineland threatens to sue journalists for disclosing

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Thanks for posting this. Canadaland is one of the best Canadian politics podcasts around. I encourage all Canadians and Canada-philes to listen to it. I am not affiliated with Canadaland in any way, I just think it provides a much needed outsider’s perspective on the largely homogeneous media voices of Canada.


Oh Canada!

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Good job there Marineland. Try to shut up someone and get more press for it.



Damn you for getting that song into my head.

I remember visiting Marineland as a kid 25 years ago. I had begged my parents to go, but it was horrible. Even as a kid I saw that the animals were in such poor conditions. At the time they had dozens of bears in a concrete pit and you paid for marshmallows to throw down to them. The deer petting pen was just a fenced mud area where the deer were trampling over kids to get food pellets. I appreciate that the Ontario government has banned orcas from the province, but more should be done.


That song has kept me awake at night. It wasn’t just Ontario, Western New York got bombarded with it as well.

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