Little budgie likes preening this cat, and the cat likes it


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Little budgie likes preening this cat, and the cat likes it seems to be well fed.


Seeing the bird working on the cat’s paw, I think the budgie’s name must be Androcles.


Even a well-fed cat has hunting instincts, and one day this budgie will be a goner if this goes on long enough.


Cat saliva can be toxic to birds and birds and cats should never be around each other especially grooming each other. Had a friend who had a bird die as result of playing with her cat.


Cue the sequel to “snapping turtle vs. pineapple” in 3, 2, 1…


"Clean me before I consume thee!


Cats actually break down into birders and mousers and seldom hunt those outside their type. Assuming this cat is fed, it’ll leave this bird alone (else it would have killed it already).


Run little mammal! There’s a dinosaur!


Hmm. Do they maintain this preference for life, or switch occasionally? Because in her younger days, mine certainly hunted both birds and mice. Though I can’t say for sure that she hunted both on the same day.


Not that it matters, but was that twittering dubbed on?


Nope, those are happy budgie sounds…they do that when they’re super chill and looking to socialize.


Oh I don’t doubt that it was yer actual budgical cheepage, it just sounded a bit double-tracked is all.


Is “likes” a synonym for “mildly annoyed”?


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