Live your dream creating mobile games for a living


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wasting time making shitty tap the screen time wasting clones of 99% of what is already out there is a dream?
you probably won’t even get $34 in earnings either so not a good investment.


I worked as a game developer for a couple of decades, and creating mobile games has never sounded the least bit interesting to me.


Not my dream.


Beat me to it.


But I don’t want to make mobile games, I want to turn people into dinosaurs I want to make realistic tabletop games which I can play with my disabilities.


That’s tomorrow’s Daily Deal, I’m sure.

After all, they’re in touch with the readership, and giving the people what they want, right?

  1. Find established and popular Flash game

  2. Make minor changes to the name and graphics

  3. Insert ridiculous time/resource limitations with massively expensive options to remove them

  4. ??

  5. Profit!

(?? = sell soul to Satan)


Flappy bird?


My dream is to create a hedgehog-scale model of Tokyo and a remote controlled Mecha-Hedgezilla that can rampage through the city so I can bring in my hedgehog (as Hedgezilla) to save Tokyo, then capture it all on film. Will making mobile games help with this? If not, what will?


Live your dream creating mobile games for a living

Or - as I like to call it - the joys of homelessness!


Can my disabilities play too?

Seriously, though, I am a board game geek from way back. I love that stuff.


Robotics, electronics, machining, urban planning, model making, stage lighting, and camera work.



Assuming dinosaurs don’t get cancer, problem solved


Yeah if you want no cancer I may have to turn you into one of these.


Humans are arguably weirder looking.


My dream is the mobile gaming market imploding and clearing away the scumbag business practices of F2P games.


Only if I get a silver jumpsuit - with pockets.