Living in a car: top 10 places to sleep

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Once she gets that van the obvious choice becomes down by the river.


For those who don’t live in their car, I bet it is still a good primer on good places to bang in your car :wink:


There is an entire website that is devoted to this:
There are two offshoot YouTube Channels as well.

I like the youtube channels because the CheapRVLiving one does a lot of educational things, like how to get insurance and get your mail, when you are nomadic. EnigmaticNomadics really hits it’s stride when the guy is showing actual build videos on how to build out vehicles.

I’m not affiliated, I just really love this stuff.


Just living in my car


I poked my head down the rabbit hole, and watched her video on how it all began. It struck a chord, because I, as well as many others have felt the same way.
Some of my adventures didn’t even involve a car.

Just a hint for pedestrians and bicyclists - if you’re traveling on pedestrian or bicycle-friendly highways, it’s been my experience that the DOT or highway patrol is generally cool with pitching a tent far off the roadside if you can’t make it to the next town before sunset. Just make sure you’re as far off the road as possible, but not on someone’s private land. And as Ahle says, use common sense.


I’ve been getting YouTube recommendations for this video for about a month now. It looked really freaking random, so I didn’t clock on it, just laughed to myself every time it came up as a recommendation. Now I know it was recommended to me because of bOINGbOING.

I will say this: she looks way too fresh for someone who lives in a car. How does she not look completely exhausted and miserable by now?


I think one of the more interesting possible developments of self-driving technology is the prospect of more mobile living solutions. The fact is that houses that are permanently affixed to the ground are a really outmoded idea. It would be much more beneficial for many people, especially young folks, to all be living in cars.


Maybe she has cat DNA and can get comfortable anywhere and in the oddest positions.


She says she’s homeless, but she has a home. Just not a conventional one with plumbing, etc. Which would be the dealbreaker for me. At a certain age getting up at least once a night to ‘visit the bathroom’ is not going to go well if living in a car. In winter. When it’s raining. And I guess she drives/parks/works in temperate places. Cars are not warm in winter without an engine running, north of … well, pick your latitude, depending on your constitution.


Heeeyyy - Andy Selway, AKA Dutch Ovens, is also the drummer for KMFDM.

She has a propane heater. As for the bathroom breaks… well, I suppose for some that’s more of a problem than others. Personally if I were doing this (and I do fantasize about it) I’d probably be living in a Sprinter van with full WC, solar power and heat pump/AC. A Sprinter strikes the perfect balance between livability, mobility, and stealth. Of course, it costs more than the Dodge van she’s rolling in…


Yikes, Ahle’s entire body constantly twitches and gyrates around when they talk. How do they decide what each of those movements should be?

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I have a coworker/friend that I knew two years that casually mentioned that he lived in a van, and had the whole time I knew him. Two additional years later… still in the van. Total stealth, just a plain old minivan with dark windows. He has a gym membership and can stretch out just fine to sleep. Sure, by the time he reaches my age, he’ll have to pony up for rent, but think what he saved while he was flexible enough to do it.


I think that sounds like fun.

Of course, I only think that because I don’t have to do it, and haven’t needed to for more than a couple days at a time.

After a while, it must get tedious.


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