Lockpicking Lawyer wins $100 proving a fancy padlock can be opened in less than three minutes


I wonder if thieves spend any time admiring the clever locks just before they apply a gordian approach to getting what they want.

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he sometimes gets into trouble.


It seems to me there are few things more dangerous than a lock picking lawyer.

With the lockpicking skill he can break in and steal many things in many places

With the lawyer background he can argue his way out of sentencing or being booked

This man is an invulnerable criminal mastermind waiting to happen! Imagining a guild of shady lock-picking lawyers as a new form of crime family…

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The armed guards at the perimeter make the second step of the plan quite a bit more challenging.


My ex’s street had every house with a Yale lock burgled in a single day by an enterprising crew with a set of bump keys, so it happens.


In the Megacorp I worked for, the cubicle overhead bins had only four different keys. Just ask a few coworkers until you find one that works. Same for the gym lockers. And this company was trying to differentiate itself as the most secure product in its category.

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