Logic gates made from pulleys and weights


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That was pretty crazy. :smile:

There is also a great online simulator called http://logic.ly/ that my daughter understood and enjoyed even when she was pretty young. The demo works in your browser – no download required http://logic.ly/demo/

I was hoping they’d do a flipflop.

I wonder if it could work with timed or buffered logic. As it is, the energy for an entire logic chain needs to come from the inputs – see how they were straining to hold on to the inputs by the time they got to XNOR?

Though on reflection hooking two NAND gates together would be ridiculous when a latch that stays where it’s put is the sort of functionality you get for free by using physical objects and friction.

Mechanical logic gadgets appear from time to time and go viral like this one. I don’t want to be the party pooper, but almost all of them are rather unimpressive in that they don’t feature any amplification. I.e. if you were to scale up the thing to do something even remotely useful, you’d end up either having to pull with both hands, and the thing would break anyway.

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