Embodied logic: Using stimuli-responsive materials and geometric principles to create smart objects

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/01/16/artificial-venus-flytrap.html


Hmf. Doesn’t look all that smart to me.

Seems like the sort of rather basic time-delay methods one can find in various military manuals from 75 years ago. Need a time-delay?: completely fill a container with dried beans or peas and invert it in a dish, fill the dish with water and skedaddle. Eventually the peas (or beans) will absorb the water, expand, and cause the container to tip over. Of course you’ve also got a pull fuse tied to the top of the container, so boom. The point being that it reliably gives you at least a half hour to bug out. Call it: “Bifurcation-based embodied logic and autonomous actuation” …with beans.


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