Mind-bending macaroni LEGO art

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“Macaroni LEGO” is what happens when I forget to stir the pot as my pasta boils. /s


I love “Bending Bricks” – pure black magic what that guy does.

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This is brilliant and beautiful stuff. It applies well to biochemistry and biology, as illustrating emergent properties: Simple, rigid geometric pieces combine to form complex structures, and at the higher levels we see properties emerge (flexibility, even elasticity) which the component structures lack.


… so now I can waste food and injure myself AT THE SAME TIME :open_mouth:

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I see a direct application of this in re-sizeable wheels for the next Mars or moon rover. All kinds of things foldin’ like that, but the nice part here is that’s all build from one type of block. I suppose that’s nice from an engineering POV, too.

Re: what @Fef said:
Can someone please start building a synthetic life form based on a small number of base Lego bricks? I’d rather like to see that. Ought to be better than Strandbeests.



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Now now, dear fellow, why would you say something like that?

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