London anti-terror police forced to admit they're still investigating journalists who reported Snowden leaks

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It’s only “a powerful message” if one chooses to be concerned by whatever the police might think of it.

London Metropolitan Police anti-terror squad.



“It is totally unacceptable that the authorities have spent the last two years considering whether they will prosecute British journalists reporting in the public interest.”

Oh no it’s not. We accept this every day here in the States, and the British accept it as well. It should be unacceptable, but it’s not.


Like anything else, obviously, it depends who you ask.

Sounds like the British “anti-terror” squad might be yet another rogue agency that’s become too cosy with ignoring the demands of lawfulness and civics, under cover of secrecy. Perhaps they (and the nation) could benefit from a whistleblower and some accountability?


Because in your universe police don’t arrest you and then hold you while the legal system prosecutes you for crimes, at your expense to hire lawyers, etc?

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I merely stated an overlooked but factual condition. Not posited an alternate universe.

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