London cops announce citywide facial recognition cameras

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So someone decided to put in place a system proven to be unpopular, expensive and ineffective… I wonder how much of a bribe he got…

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It’s also worth noting that the rate of false positives is ~1/1000 which means a hell of a lot of false alerts every day for a camera pointing at a busy location.


My problem is ‘The system will use “bespoke” watchlists whose criteria are not disclosed’. Wanting something implemented publicly but don’t want to disclose how it works is unethical, how AI/ML comes to conclusion is critical to it being accurate.


Given the stratospherically high false positive rate for black faces, I’m guessing this is a feature, not a bug. It provides an “objective” justification for stopping/harassing/arresting black people

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I will never return to London again in my lifetime then.

I will not put up with such Orwellian bullshit.

Brittain disguists me completely now, and it was already a long way down.


I obviously don’t know where you are, but I feel fairly confident that this same Orwellian bullshit will be coming to a space near you, real soon. I wish I didn’t feel this way.

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“Papers please!”

This is our future, until we all submit to the microchip installation.*

*likely best ref: Idiocracy

Would someone please call the laundry and let them know SCORPION STARE has been unmasked?

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I’m glad they managed to find a way to make their prior campaign more sinister and impersonal. Lesser command-and-control enthusiasts would have shied away from such a challenge.



I just hope the rank-and-file filth have thought long and hard about how this plays out for them. When a government that is cutting funds for human police enthuses about buying a new robot to do a worse version of your job, what do your detective skills tell you about that?

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Oh really? Based on what criteria, exactly? And compared to whom? China? Myanmar? Russia? Saudi Arabia? Iran? Iraq? Venezuela? I doubt very much you’ve ever set foot in the U.K., because you clearly know very little about it, in comparison to a great many other far more repressive nations/regimes.
Oh, and it’s Britain, with one ‘t’, or Great Britain, or the United Kingdom.
Please, learn to spell my homeland’s name correctly, otherwise you run the risk of appearing even more ill-educated than you do already.

Nice literary reference there, I like what you did! :clap:t2:
You could include Rule 54 while you’re at it…

Pretentious enough?

I HAVE been to London before. In 2007. I had a very nice time, but even at the time CCTV was everywhere.

For the record I happen to really like London. I would very much like to go back and see a lot of it that I didn’t get to see, including the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers Guild Hall.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe spelling to some people, in an age of spell check, is not necessarily an indicator of intelligence?

And yet you went full bore down the asshole route.

For further record and hilarity, I actually have direct family that is British and lives in the English countryside. I have yet to visit them there but I have met them many times here.

Is it so hard to understand how fucked up your country is even in comparison to my own which believe me is a festering shithole now compared to what it was?

George Orwell was British. To have a capital city lurch toward the reality you have now on top of the idiocy of brexit and Boris really speaks volumes about some people that live there, perhaps you are one of them?

All I did was point out the idiocy if it makes you uncomfortable maybe you should go change it, and stop defensively attacking for it? I don’t defend Trump even though he’s my president and I’m actively trying to do everything I can legally to get that tool removed from office and change my country to something that resembles sanity, I suggest you do the same


That’s sad. Looks like London is off the list of cities I can ever go to.

I would have like to visit. It was bad enough that they had CCTV covered the whole place. I could swallow that maybe. But city wide facial recognition is unacceptable.


We’re not talking about china, myanmar, russia, saudi arabia, iran, iraq or venezuela.

We’re talking about England and London. Deflecting that way makes you look like dishonest person arguing in bad faith.

We also don’t need to set foot in the UK to be disgusted by the fact that London is implementing city wide facial recognition. That’s not something that needs to be experienced in order to judge.

You limeys sure like to judge the US as a dangerous and barbaric place due to our lenient gun laws. And I’d say you’d probably be right to.


You echoed my sentiments exactly.

I don’t want to hate the UK, I have family there and my ancestry is Scottish among others. Various other reasons I have deep connections to England and Scotland. I don’t want to hate them…

But if this is how they do business, and they don’t see the incredible lunacy in this approach there is no way someone could even pay me to go there now.

I pray before I die someday this incredible virulent idiocy is removed from that country and I can return and see what is left


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