London food couriers targeted by motorcycle thieves


Put taxes on those, then, instead of a commodity that many people who don’t buy those cars depend on.

I don’t think that’s always the case.


Taxing big and expensive cars is worthwhile. But what it doesn’t do is reduce driving. People will buy cheaper cars and trucks and drive them just as much.

Adding to the incremental cost is choosing to drive is difficult without disadvantaging poor people, as you say. Taxes on gas that are proportional to the value of the vehicle is one idea. Road pricing based on vehicle value is another. These are doable, but complex. Balancing increased gas tax with rebates for low-income earners might work. The model is used for utilities in some (many?) places.


People will drive if there isn’t any alternatives, I think. Of course some will drive anyway, because they like to drive. Part of the equation will be incentivizing more alternatives to driving, especially in cities. Some of the ones you mention sound feasible, I think.

This sounds like a workable solution to that particular problem.


I get that bit.

I’m just tickled by the idea of criminals on mopeds, stealing mopeds to commit other crimes on.

I haven’t looked at the video and I’m pretty sure it’s just unhappy phrasing on the Beeb’s part.


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