London School of Economics: piracy isn't killing big content; government needs to be skeptical of entertainment industry claims


“Evidence led approach”

Snort!!! These guys are almost as funny as the NSA!


I’m sure the government is fully aware of what’s going on. Because they’re probably benefiting.

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I’d say the mere possibility, let alone the reality, of any three-strikes law is testament to the fact that something has been very, very wrong with democracy for a while now, and a bit of academic advice like this is nothing more than cold comfort for the victims (everyone) of an ongoing agenda.

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Something isn’t wrong just because it’s a crime. Generally things are crimes because they are wrong. In the case of copyright, the history is actually very interesting. I recommend this book from which you might gain a deeper understanding of why what you just said is nonsense, and a very good reply to your (I suspect rhetorical) question.

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Hah! “Evidence based policy”; Last time I remember that phrase being bandied around Whitehall/the press was when David Nutt was sacked…


Evidence? You can’t win an election with that, come back with a bag of money then we’ll talk.

aaaand since we have limited resources and will to prevent crime, and since you astutely point out that the best kinds of murders are no murders at all, why don’t we make sure that our justice system isn’t manipulated and distracted from it’s most pressing concerns by self-interested and dishonest industries. Or at least give them the opportunity, and freedom of capture to allow them to set proper priorities and levels of attention.

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Oh come on.

What would the London School of Economics know about … er … economics? I mean, wtf?

Honestly, this has nothing to do with politics or power. It’s a pure and simple story: piracy sucks the very lifeblood out of artists’ hearts, and diminishes the income of investors in corporations. No-one in 8 years has bought a single cd.

Unless some kind of leash is put to the pirates, we’re all doomed. Besides, they’re also causing sea-levels to rise, and preventing cures for diseases that could be easily dealt with.

If boingboing is going to copy or link articles from TorrentFreak, how about linking to the original source?

Because those industries may be doing well, that doesn’t invalidate claims of harm - by them or by others. There are smaller companies and individual artists who license their designs, art, music, whatever and see their revenues drop because pirates continuously upload it to free file sharing sites. In turn, those pirates generate revenue from ad affiliate programs from ads on sites where those files are linked.

I know of hundreds of such artists affected - visit sites like deviantart,,, and others like them. Creators license their products through such sites, just to see them uploaded by scumbags later.

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Government rarely turns down an additional excuse to monitor/jail citizens, especially once the for-profit prison scam is established.

Good point. I don’t think anyone wants to see the smaller than big people / corporations getting hurt.

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