London Underground Simulator reviewed


Me, I want a game that simulates being stuck in a traffic jam. In July. With a full bladder.

It could have plug-in USB heater-humidifiers, for the realism. The controller could have one button: brake on, brake off… The Pro version could have a clutch and a brake.

Given the apparent recent proliferation in truck and train simulators, I suspect there’s a significant target market this reviewer is unaware of. Having jumpers is a surprising bit of realism, though. I’d expect the appeal of these games would be the zoning out while watching pretty graphics pass by.

Which is honestly why I play most of my fantasy/sci-fi/action games.

The Moscow version accurately simulates the unique rodent problems


It uses an engine that would not be out of place in more mainstream games

That’s because it is

Research fail? Anyhow, yes - train/subway simulators are “boring” to the vast majority of mainstream games players - but, as with any hobby, those who enjoy the intricacies of, erm, being stopped or being in the process of stopping will really enjoy the game. I’m sure.

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Neverwhere mod?


My guess is that it was just a kind of AI bug or glitch, the bystander wandering around where it wasn’t supposed to, and that the game doesn’t actually simulate striking them.

A great many years ago, I read a short article about people who make a sport of seeing how quickly they can traverse the entirety of the London Underground, using only public transit to switch stops when necessary. Alas, I’ve never heard anything about it since then. Does that ring a bell with anyone? Seems like the ideal use for a detailed simulator, anyway.

This makes me want to resurrect my idea of an Airline Passenger Simulator game.

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The proliferation … doesn’t it follow in the wake of Microsoft dropping its entire flightsim team?

Actually…I can think of a lot if ways to make that interesting - assuming the player gets to pick out what they are carrying and where. The tension, wondering if those balloons you swallowed will breach and kill you halfway through the flight!

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Unfortunately, the TSA screening minigame would earn you an “M” rating.

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Can it possibly hold up to the high-standards set by Street Cleaning Simulator ???!??!

Great. Now how do we detect online cheats using this for Mornington Crescent?


Please let that be an actual thing.

I was just going to ask if the game included a ‘Mornington Crescent’ mode.

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And bus simulators and forklift simulators and farm simulators. I actually own some of these and while I wouldn’t just play these, it’s kind of fun to learn the “behind the scenes” story of what people do in these jobs – not unlike what attracts people to flight simulators (the realistic non-combat ones like the old Microsoft Flight Simulator and the current X-Plane)


Penn and Teller did it better.

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I’ve heard of that one before but hadn’t looked into it. I had to close the tab pretty quickly to avoid buying it, because it actually looks pretty fun.

These games are for obsessive-compulsive Asperger’s types (like myself). I’m not really into them (I don’t really play any games any more in general) but I totally understand the appeal.

I played a lot of MS Flight Simulator (and Flight Unlimited and its sequels, which were more fun) as a kid, and got a lot of enjoyment and even fulfillment out of it. At the time, I found heavily story-based games not particularly interesting, and mainly played games that offered some sort of sandbox on top of any story and missions (a lot of first person shooters fell into that category in those days).

I also had a sailing simulator game that was awesome - you chose your sailboat (and there were lots to choose from, and lots of community-made ones) and then just cruised around the south of France or wherever. It had submarines and torpedoes and stuff too, because of course it did.

Apparently it’s still around, and has undergone a lot of updates since I last played it about ten years ago: - and they have a Robot Simulator now: (I believe their original sim was the “Hang Sim” of the URL, for hang gliders… I remember playing it but wasn’t as drawn to it as the sailing sim).

I think I’m going to try it again, because lately I’ve been really interested in actually learning how to sail (cue “I should buy a boat” cat). MS Flight SImulator taught me how to fly (it helps that my dad is a pilot and took me flying in small planes as a kid), so why not.

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Somehow, no one has posted this review of the earlier iteration yet?