Short Trip: gorgeous hand-drawn scenic tram simulator


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Indeed gorgeous, thanks Rob!

Also, further proof the Internet is made of cats, and didn’t I see that church twice?


lovely drawings.


It stops loading at 93% for me… anyone else?


Apparently, I’m too much of a speed freak, and kept missing the stations.

Driving that train, high on cocaine…


That was truly beautiful - I could just about feel the wind at the end.


Strangely calming. A wonderful time-waster that doesn’t feel like a waste of time at all, more like meditative tram driving… :cat::mountain_railway: :sushing_face:


Beautiful piece of web-based poetry! It suddenly fill me with a need for a Busy Busy Town MMO though…


Next time I hear someone say that the whole world will be VR in a few years, I’ll point them to this and say “You’re wrong case closed.”


Yeah, me too.


Beautiful drawings. I like it very much.


Love it. And sooo glad it doesn’t have distracting text at the bottom that can’t be turned off. :slight_smile:


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