Get a great deal on Trainz, the world's leading train simulator


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Cool, but shouldn’t this game be on…wait for it…Steam?


I mean. Trains still exist, and you can ride them places.

There is even a train museum near me, which is right along the bike path.

Personally, the way I like to experience train history is in film. “Murder on the orient express” , “North by Northwest” come to mind.


“The Spy who shagged loved me”.



WTF Boing Boing?

I kinda like you for your anti-bullshait anti misleading consumer crap and calling out crap for crap.

The List price on the boing boing store is $379 dollars…on sale for 19 dollars…93 percent off!

HEY! will the credit apply for the 'full retail price of 327 dollars?


Kerbal Space Program is free and stand-alone as well. Why mess with locomotives when the universe is endless…

I made escape velocity.


You can always watch one of the many hours long train dashcam videos on YouTube for similar effect.


What a steal! (And they will be quick to tell you that they don’t run the store.)


Ah, yes, the romance of the rails, so many great choo-choo related films, let’s not forget Silver Streak, Species and Bridge over the River Kwai. Does it include high speed rail, I wonder?
Train simulators, what a time to be alive, eh?


+1 - Came here to post this, was pleased to see someone beat me to it!


My digital interactives company just finished working on a 2 year-long revitalization project at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum. The museum has three beautiful old steam engines on display. An Ottawa firm created an excellent exhibit where you don a VR helmet and run through a short gesture-driven experience driving one of the engines. I was pleasantly surprised to then go into the cab of the actual engine and feel a sense of familiarity, similar to videoconferencing with someone for yonks and then meeting them in person.


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