Build your own railway with the Trainz Platinum Edition Bundle

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Trains are, in the words of Lisa Simpson, “traditional yet ecologically friendly.”


I’m not knocking this game, which I’m sure is a lot of fun for the right person (possibly me these days!), but

$19.99, saving more than 90 percent off its usual price.

I am wondering if anyone has actually paid $200 for it…


They’re like self-driving cars, only they actually work and can scale to real-world usage.


Steam has it listed at $95 (75% off the $245 for the game + DLC in the bundle if you buy it all separately) which still makes it a nice deal there.

If ya like train simulation or model railway type things but are stuck in an apartment it looks to be a good game. Cheaper than playing Warhammer on the tabletop anyway.


I’ve had A-Train 9 V4.0 on my Steam wishlist for probably a year, but it never goes on sale. Sixty clams for a game I’m vaguely interested in? I played that game for hours back in the 90s, but today I’d probably tinker around for a bit and forget it forever. And what’s with that version number? 9 V 4.0?


There’s also A-train Classic on Steam, which looks exactly like I remember it from the 90s. Unfortunately it has the same ridiculous price tag.


This game is deceptive regarding the DLC that’s included in the original purchase. Most of the DLC routes and other features require in-game purchases to activate. One reviewer on Steam described it more of a “catalog” than a game. If you love trains, and have LOTS of spare cash to spend on the in-game purchases required to unlock the DLC, you’ll love trains.


That’s the point of this purchase you get the game + a bunch of the DLC at a discount. Hence the ‘Bundle Edition’

They were also the first recognized source of an increase in wildfire frequency in drought-stricken areas in the early part of the 20th century. Wildfires like the ones Ed Pulaski made his fame from.

Awesome, I loved those tiny cities! I probably had an earlier edition, I don’t remember some of the things i see.

EDIT: Yea, my version had nothing but little rectangular buildings, the Steam edition has Eiffel towers and stadiums and loads of stuff. Who knew a game could update once or twice in 25 years?

two words too cumbersome

I have A-Train 9 V3.0 and the original A-Train 9 steam release in my library, but they want full price for V4.0. I like the game quite a bit, but given the propensity of releasing new versions that cost an arm and a leg coupled with the Steam versions missing most of the licensed trains that would even begin to justify the cost, I just have to pass.

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Hi boingboingshop person,
You’re almost entirely right. I jumped to a largely incorrect conclusion without checking the difference between the basic Traniz app and the Platinum bundle.

The Platinum bundle does indeed include a bunch of great route and loco DLC content that would otherwise cost a bunch of bucks to buy separately.

So this is indeed a good Boingboingstore bargain, well worth buying, and should be loads of fun.

One caveat though: once you want to add additional DLC you’ll find that it’s pricey to do so. So enjoy the Platinum bundle and save your nickels and dimes for when you’ve outgrown it and want more DLC.

Is there anything remotely like the sid meier games of old? I’d like to see a rr tycoon 4-- smrr was fun but maybe something with a more baroque economic model?

Maybe. Some people really get off on trains. I’m not sure why exactly. I’ve ridden on trains and they’re not that different than busses. (I live in the USA therefore the trains I’ve ridden are basically antiquated, I can’t speak for modern trains).

The degree to which model train makers fetishize these things is just crazy enough to make e believe that some old dude somewhere actually shelled out $200 bucks for a detailed train sim.

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Well I am not a BoingBoingShop person… but umm whatever. Just saying if this is the sort of thing you like then it is a deal.
Also I am going to assume that anyone into this kind of game/simulation probably knows quite well what the cost is for the DLC.

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There is a game for that too.


Ha. I’d rather play the original. It’s interesting that they made a remake, but I’d like to have all that additional Penn and Teller content that was supposed to be packaged with it.

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More seriously, there’s OMSI, offering bus-driving experiences in a newly reunified Germany: