Long distance jammer knocks drones from the sky

A lot of the smaller drones have pretty pitiful loiter capabilities, which makes them less than ideal for triangulation work(especially if the source is intermittent, so you’ll be unlikely to catch anything without spending a lot of time just waiting and listening); but if you can solve that problem(maybe add enough hydrogen/helium for a neutral bouyancy system; maybe use one of the various ‘perching’ techniques that people have been working on for small drones to land in inconspicuous locations and save energy or even recharge); they could certainly be an effective way of spreading a bunch of directional antennas across a target area.

Might not help when it is your word vs. the local boys in blue, and the device has been powered down and stowed; but technically it would work.

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Authenticity [the real orgazmorator] is everything in that business.

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Yeah, much as I admire and agree with the Maker ethic of technological empowerment, at the end of the day the problem is that cops simply aren’t held to the laws they enforcement.

Which raises an obvious question: If they have a product that actually works, why do they need to fake the demo??


Thus begins a new arms race

And then deploy the laser.

400 meters?
The longest jamming device that I have ever used is about 0.4 meters…


I’m afraid to tell you that US law says “your” property doesn’t extend into the ownership of the airspace over it.


in california, in august, didn’t SB 142 get passed which does prohibit certain types of unmanned vehicles at certain altitudes?


am i reading that wrong?

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News to me. That said, if you’re over 350 feet, you’re fine, and the FAA provisionally allows flight 400 feet or lower. So, I could fly my quadcopters at 375 feet over your house just fine.


We must close the…drone gap?

Sorry, couldn’t resist :yum:

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It is unquestionably illegal in the US is my understanding. The FCC just hasn’t charged these guys yet.

Hmm . . . this just reminded me of that old Amana Radar Range magnetron in a box in the basement. Not that I’d ponder anything ANTISOCIAL.

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