Long ride from Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek

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So this would be the Taint Run…


This is how you get a UTI


The question remains, did he have a paddle?


He rode too far. I’m near Pipi (pronounced PeePee) Campground southwest of Lake Tahoe. Ride all the way to Ohio? In this weather? Bother.

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There’s a Quintana Roo joke here somewhere. Nairo to Michelton Scott?

Also, Poo Poo Point is a nice, easy hike and you get to watch all the hang glider people do hang gliding stuff.

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some of the clearest water in the world ironically named “Pupu Springs”

(short for Te Waikoropupu teh-why-koh-roh-poo-poo)


I guess that trip did not go via Six Mile Bottom in Cambridge, UK. More like Two and a Half Thousand Mile Bottom.

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Roger that. I live 2.5 miles from that trailhead.

The most 2020 replacement for a Route 69.


Sorta surprised he put so much gear on the rear rack. With that nice rack he could lower the center of gravity if the stuff is closer to the wheel hubs. At 69 miles a day I doubt it is aerodynamics that drove the decision, more likely I guess it’s being poor, however anyone with a rear rack like that can set up some super functional paneer bags/buckets/milk crates.

No drama though, very cool stuff, bravo Sir!

From Poo Poo Point Trail description on wta dot org:

The folksy name is a reference to the steam whistle sounds heard throughout the Tigers in the early days of logging.

I feel disappointed.


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