Looking at 5 top cyberpunk comic books

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Well, Warren Ellis is at the very least a sex pest (and likely worse), so that might have something to do with leaving him off - Miller is just a fascist, which is increasingly acceptable. Shatter was interesting more for how it was made (using Macpaint) than for the actual comic…which was meh, but the art was unique at the time.

Is Brian Wood’s Channel Zero cyberpunk? I think it is, and it is very good.

Is Judge Dredd cyberpunk? Discuss


I’ve only seen Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed as anime, but they are both good. Especially Ghost in the Shell. Great cyberpunk.

Hard Boiled was amazing. Geof Darrow’s work is part Richard Scary, part Mobius. There are some pages where the colors are just a gradient wash because the colorist was like, “I don’t have time with for all this bullshit.”

The thing I like about when he draws objects like cars or guns or machinery - he starts with a real reference, but then start to exaggerate it by making everything larger and repeats or layers elements to make something new. So the cars look both futuristic and retro.

Just look at this amazing, chaotic mess! (Putting blur spoiler as there are some NSFW imagery.)


but I was sort of shocked they didn’t include Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan,

I loved the Jamie Herndaez cover on #32. Him or his brother Gilberto should illustrate a cover of every comic.


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BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei -

Blame! (stylized as BLAME! ) is a Japanese science fiction manga series written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei. It was published by Kodansha in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Afternoon from 1997 to 2003, with its chapters collected in ten tankōbon volumes. A six-part original net animation was produced in 2003, with a seventh episode included on the DVD release. An anime film adaptation by Polygon Pictures was released as a Netflix original in May 2017.

Silent Mobius by Kia Asamiya -

Silent Möbius (Japanese: サイレントメビウス, Hepburn: Sairento Mebiusu) is a twelve-volume manga series created by manga artist Kia Asamiya. Both anime versions have been licensed by Bandai Entertainment. It is heavily influenced by the film Blade Runner and is centered on the lives of a dedicated group of all-female police officers with protecting Tokyofrom an invasion of extra-dimensional creatures called Lucifer Hawks.


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