Los Angeles is selling off some very odd lots, including a sidewalk corner

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If you have ever been to “LA”, then I beg the question who’d want it?


Idea for a short science fiction story — decentralized, distributed housing!

A 4’x7’ parcel to put your bedroom, a bathroom ten yards down the street installed in an old phone booth, a kitchen’s worth of space scattered around a city block full of commercial buildings.


I have a friend who actually did live in two separate buildings as a student. His group of friends had rented two houses across the street from each other- IIRC they were both 4-bedroom houses, and 7 people total. He ended up with the smallest bedroom in each of the two houses, slept in one and had his desk in the other.

(I also lived for a year in a building where the bathroom and shower facilities were in another building, but that was because it was built in the 17th century.)


So if I buy the street corner, can I set up a toll booth?

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Reminds me of this parcel in NYC:


Normally I collect subway tile photos as I’m out and about in the city, but this just got added to the list. Very interesting, I wonder how many times I’ve past over/past it and never noticed!

#“It’s like Über, but for housing!”

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What could you do on such a small sliver of land?

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Pop-up micro-raves? Miniature launch-parties for ramen-level startups? Birthdays? Corporate events for very few people?

Professional loiterers? Can’t kick em off that sidewalk!

Would be a funny place to set up a food truck (don’t know the neighborhood), where your patrons are on your property, while you’re in a parking space.

Or set up a camper parked on the street, and use the land as your yard.

And is it busking when you’re on your own property? Or just practicing your art, after setting your hat down on your property?

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It appears one could turn right.

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