Lose yourself in a Wong Kar Wai marathon

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No Ashes of Time ??? Philistines!

Chungking Express was created through the practice of constructive procrastination – Wong was blocked on Ashes of Time, and made CE to refresh himself. TIL that Fallen Angels also came out of this brief period.


Highly recommended. My personal favorite is Days of Being Wild, but all, that I’ve seen, are worthwhile.

Have a bonus short film:


Chungking Express just arrived for me via inter-library loan, how coincidental! That said, I did not take well to In the Mood for Love or Happy Together, so here’s hoping my third Kar-Wai’s the charm.


Individual Tickets: $12 / $10 HIFF ‘Ohana

7-Film Pass: $70 / $60 HIFF ‘Ohana

ETA: There’s one rarity being offered which may not be available anywhere else (at present). Wong’s short-ish The Hand was originally part of the anthology film Eros, alongside shorts from Soderbergh and Antonioni. The HIFF is offering an expanded version. Only slightly expanded, from 48 minutes to 56 minutes, but still worthy of note.

All of the martial arts scenes are breathtakingly choreographed, but here’s the “train fight” sequence from The Grandmaster;


And for those of us in the UK, the films are similarly streamable from the BFI: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news/wong-kar-wai-season


Came here to say Days of Being Wild and am not dissapoint.

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