Short Round is back!

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He was a delightful actor back in the day. I was already excited about Everything All At Once because it stars Michelle Yeoh, but this is just another reason to be excited about it!


Years ago I attended a special screening of The Goonies hosted by Jeff Cohen, the former child actor who played “Chunk.” Cohen is a showbiz lawyer these days but I was amused to learn that Ke Huy Quan was one of his regular clients. Never say die!


He was also in “Finding O’Hana” last year, which was effectively “Goonies, but in Hawaii.” Had a real “wait a minute…” moment when I saw him first come on-screen. :slight_smile:


I just caught the end of Goonies the other month. A classic. I liked Data because as a kid I liked the idea of clever gadgets.


There’s another connection in actor Ke Huy Quan, one of the original Goonies, who has a small role in “Finding ‘Ohana.” The part was created for him after a serendipitous meeting with director Jude Weng at (where else?) a shave-ice shop near Los Angeles. She had run into a friend and told him, “I’m getting to direct my first movie, and it’s a sort of a “Goonies”-type adventure that’s set in Hawaii,” Weng said. “And from across the room, I hear this voice say, ‘Did somebody mention “Goonies”?’ And I turn around, and it’s Ke Quan.”

(I’ve never seen it, so can’t recommend either for or against it. Unlike many things filmed here, at least it involved a good complement of people connected to the place.)




Rewatching Goonies as an adult is a bit of a let down. The acting and dialogue is really bad and it’s a rather thin plot taken altogether.

I always found Data’s character (along with his parents) pretty offensive as an Asian stereotype as well.


The second Indiana Jones movies was NOT mediocre. I loved it.


Short Round MADE the second Indiana Jones movie. Otherwise it was a lot of silly girl screams. So I’m looking forward to this!


Not available except streaming. Boo! :cry:


If there’s anything I find annoying in film, it’s the Altman style of overlapping dialogue. I cannot focus on all of it at once.

I somehow had no idea that Data and Short Round were the same actor. This kind of blows my mind. I had a similar surprise when I realized Rudy was Mikey and Josh Brolin was Josh Brolin. Apparently I was so absorbed in Goonies that I didn’t notice the actors as anyone other than their characters. Someone tell me Sloth was actually Brad Pitt and bring this thing full circle for me.

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At the screening I mentioned someone in the audience asked Jeff Cohen what it was like to work with a disabled actor like that. A little chuckle ran through the audience until everyone realized that the guy was serious. Cohen responded “see, the thing about movies… well, for example, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park weren’t actually…”

(For the record Sloth was actually portrayed by former NFL defensive end John Matuszak under heavy prosthetic makeup)


It’s kind of like the title of “Worst Dunkin Donut”. Like, yeah, maybe you like some a lot more than others, but when you really want a donut, they are all pretty good.

Honestly I’m so much more here for the Daniels and Michelle Yeoh.


In case anyone’s missed it, here’s the trailer for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

I didn’t recognize him when I first saw the trailer, but now it’s obvious.

This looks like it’s going to be great. Who doesn’t want to watch infinite Michelle Yeohs?


Ditto. She’s an amazing actress. Her “movie kung fu” skills are astonishing, especially given that she’s never had formal training. Still she essentially invented the “leading woman” role in martial arts movies. Or, more fair to say, she became the first woman breakout star in the genre. As far back as 1987 she noted it, saying “In Hong Kong, I’m delighted to say that people have happily accepted seeing a woman throwing guys around." She broke ground in a very difficult genre for women, especially given cultural constraints. I really admire her for that.

I’ll watch anything she’s in.


I’ve been really digging her in Discovery…

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I watched it with the kids when it came out. It wasn’t amazing, but it was certainly decent. 6 out of 10, give or take.