Lost 1950s mosaic mural uncovered in NY after decades behind facade


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2015/08/25/lost-1950s-mosaic-mural-uncove.html


wow, gorgeous – lost history found, and in a place like NYC that changes so quickly sometimes, too. this is truly a wonderful thing.


And they’re going to cover it right back up again with metal panels. Idiots. Fools. Idiots.

Okay, slightly better idiots and fools. I read the NYT piece, but since then, they have relented and will keep it visible, it seems.


Well, that would certainly suck, but the linked article says that it’s uncovered “this time for good.”
If you have information to the contrary, a link would be nice; otherwise, you’re just some guy spouting things.


Yeah, I corrected myself and said that they have relented. The NYT piece is linked in the newer article.


How do you “lose” a mural?


I have a soft spot for mosaic murals. My elementary school in Southern California had a WPA-sponsored mural in a semi-enclosed space and it was like a page from a giant Where’s Waldo book. In fact, much of the campus was built by the WPA in the 1930s.


It’s amazing what ends up down the back of a couch.


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