Lost-at-sea fisherman uses his watch face to signal for help

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This in the days where everyone uses their phone to check the time. Good to know watches still have their uses.

What a resourceful and extremely lucky chap.


The guy’s name is Hamilton?


This is a Wonderful Thing™.


Worth nominating?


Would your phone would be an even bigger light reflector with the larger glass area?

When I was little I’d take my Casio watch and make the little light it reflected dance on the wall or on the ceiling of the car on long trips.


I used mine to wind up both cats and teachers back in the day.

I suppose the advantage of a watch over a phone is that you’re less likely to drop in the ocean something strapped to your wrist.


Bigger, but the watch is staying on your wrist, if the phone was in your hands when you went overboard it’s gone. If it was in a pocket you are likely to lose it when you pull it out to try to use it. I mean it is worth a try (maybe you have one with a “set a satellite and send an emergency please rescue me message”).


You two are right, but I don’t see my self wearing a watch in the near future.

I used to have a Casio Databank and i fucking lost it. Even though my phone number was in there for people to call. And so I got another one (IIRC they were like 80 bucks back when minimum wage was only $3.20/hr) and somehow I lost it a year later. I have no idea how on either one - I guess the strap broke? I wasn’t a super active person so I don’t understand how it happened. As you may be able to tell by my rambling, it still bugs the shit out of me when I think about it.

Anyway - haven’t worn a watch since on a regular bases, though I have two Fossil Boba Fett watches that I did wear occasionally.


I guess that some watches are probably more of a liability than others.


23 hours in the water?!? Holy shit, that means overnight! I’d die of fright if I had to tread water overnight in the open ocean. In the south Pacific.


That right there is a boat anchor.


Fancy that, its called a Musk watch


It seems to be made for blokes who really, really, really want to convince folk that the wearer is heterosexual for some reason. :thinking: The limited edition Fragile Masculinity Edition?

Edit: to add extra “er”




It’s fine, people don’t fall into the sea and get saved by their watch very frequently.

I mean if you wanted one more reason to get back into wearing watches, sure, whatever works.

I vaguely Romberg those watches & that era. I didn’t have one, but I had some unreasonably complex Casio databank calculator. I eventually turned it into a fuel log for my first car, I think the calculator may have cost about 5% of the car’s purchase price (and the calculator worked, I had to sink more money into the car to get it to pass MD safety tests….they are picky in MD, like to the point where they insist the breaks actually stop the car and stuff…)

No Way Omg GIF by Lifetime

Pfff it will eventually stop.

Are you shocked that an inspection authority might have the temerity to expect BRAKES to work or that someone does not know the difference between breaks and BRAKES?

(And @Stripes)

Never go Full Hemingway.

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You get it! Why don’t they get it‽

I’m dislexic, so minor matters of spelling seldom show on my radar.

Maybe I’ll put “learn to spell brakes v breaks” on my list of likely failed 2024 resolutions….