Lost Bakshi Lord of the Rings footage found

Well… nice production values, but it’s missing the serious funk of the original. And… I don;t know, on further reflection, this rework sounds like a Nine Inch Nails wannabe.

To each their own, I suppose.

I will start throwing things.

You wouldn’t DARE.

At age 9 the Lord of the Rings were your favorite books? Unless you were a prodigy or perhaps a fan of your parents’ emoting as they read the stories to you, I have a hard time believing they were really beloved to you at that point. And especially, that you were then outraged at the treatment of the movie.

I imagine to any 9-year old who has tried to read or hear the books, seeing the movie at the time would have been either mind-blowing or as boring as the books. Or somewhere inbetween. So this seems false.

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I was something like 9 when I first read LoTR. It’s been my favourite story ever since. Go figure. Read the Hobbit several years earlier.

Believe what you want. My parents were teachers and got me started early. My cousin gave me the Hobbit when I was 8 and I barreled through the entire series about 3 times before I turned 10 (which had me primed for my 10th birthday present, D&D). I loved the books. I didn’t grasp a lot of what was intended but the excitement and adventure of them was great. Not so the movie, which was awful, confusing, difficult to follow (for a kid) and (even worse) incomplete.

Out of curiosity is your name based on a ship in a novel?


I read the Hobbit in the 4th grade too, and had read all of the LOTR series twice before I was 12.  And my parents discouraged it because religion.

Other than Led Zep (and, ok, maaaaaybe Leonard Nimoy) the Bakshi adaptations are the only way i can sometimes tolerate this dwarves on a quest with wizards stuff.


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