Lotus fired brand director after pro-gay athlete tweet


Even by Gawker’s admittedly low standards, the comments are fuckin’ unreal on there.

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FIFA, Formula 1, the Olympics. The less I hear about them, the better.

Has the tone of the Twitter account changed since he was fired (after a quick look at it now, I’m not seeing much “irreverence”, but maybe it still is compared to other F1 teams’ accounts)? I’m not saying this is actually the case, but maybe the pro-gay tweet was just the straw that broke the camel’s back? Do we actually know that the prior irreverent tweeting behaviour actually WAS ok with the upper echelon at Lotus?

Regardless, the fact that they made him take the tweet down in the first place is ridiculous, so fuck you, Lotus F1.

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This is why we need the internet to be separated up into different countries. That way multinationals can make nice little gestures fearlessly supporting gay rights where they are already supported, at the same time as boldly defending traditional marriage where they aren’t.

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