Love Letter is a game that can take you from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs and vice versa

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A wonderful game that is always in my son’s backpack–it weighs about 2 ounces, is easy to learn, plays in a couple of minutes, and is enjoyed by everyone.

Also, the designers explicitly gave their blessings to noncommercial rethemes of the game, so there are dozens of homemade print-and-play versions out there. (We currently play the Adventure Time retheme.) It’s a fun art project if you want to brush up on your Illustrator–there are only 8 cards to design…

Played this season on TableTopenter link description here

A few other good bluffing games at (somewhat) similar price points and level of difficulty:

The Resistance
One Night Ultimate Werewolf

In my opinion, Coup and Mascarade are more similar to Love Letter. The Resistance and ONUW are more team-oriented. Personally, I like games that don’t have elimination which is the only problem I have with Coup and makes Mascarade the obvious choice in my book.

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