Coup: a delightfully vicious little card game set in a futuristic dystopia


I’m really enjoying this game. I don’t think it’s quite as fun or as intense as The Resistance because you don’t get the exciting reveals and angry suspicion of your friends, but it’s a quick and dirty diversion.

A wonderful little game with great light play, filler potential. A fairly new entry in the social deduction category of games, Coup is very easy to get to table with experienced gamers and non-gamers alike. One of the games strengths is the time to teach, which is less than 5 minutes. As noted in the review, short game play is also a strength, as it decreases the frustration that players feel when they are called out on their outrageous lies. The game has enough roles to make it fun to employ new tactics, but not so many that remembering powers and track roles is too hard.

Every collection should have one or two social deduction games within them, and this game is a good one with which to start. Other great social deduction games include: The Resistant, Blood Bound, Love Letter, Mascarade and a new entry into the category, Sheriff of Nottingham. I have found that these games are incredibly good games to play with teens and tweens. While the essentially solo nature of play (meaning you can not typically help them with difficult plays) may require some companion play during the first few plays for younger children, once they have a handle on it, they get a thrill out of lying and being lied to.

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