Lovely tour of a geodesic dome for glamping

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Glamping? It’s a cabin. Cool, though.


Calling this ‘glamping’ is like calling a Tesla a golf cart…

It’s a nice holiday cabin though :slight_smile:


For the cheap option remember

People who live in glass houses
should always wear their trousers.

I think it was Spike Milligan who wrote these wise words.


It’s not a cabin, it’s a tent on a very nice platform. That thin vinyl skin is not insulated at all. Brrr!
(I grew up in a proper geodesic dome made of wood, so I know the difference.)


The elevated setup is a plus for those of us who enjoy avoiding snakes on trips to the mountains of NC. A bathroom and hot tub are also nice perks vs. camping in a tent. The only area that needs work might be the hot plate/microwave cooking in the kitchen. When he started talking about pots and pans, I wondered if the plan was to use them on the grill or over that open fire outside.

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I figured someone would differ. It may have some tent-like qualities such as being made of poles and having a vinyl or plastic-like skin, but it has solid doors, a fitted kitchen, a bathroom and loo and thus is fully plumbed. It is a permanent structure. Not a tent (one of those things you can readily erect and take down as you move from location to location)

It is NOT, by any stretch of any imagination, anything ending in -amping.

Not having insulation does not disqualify it from being a cabin. I accept that the metal poles and plastic skin are unorthodox for a ‘cabin’ but I have no idea what else to call it once it has obviously disqualified itself from being a tent.


But, according to the website, it’s “sustainable” (wild foraged vinyl, I guess?) and creates a “harmonious future” while “minimizing (your) carbon footprint” (via wood stove, apparently). Why do you hate the future?


The Millenium Dome?


“… very gorgeous.” First time I’ve ever come across that. Sounds odd.

I suspect it would be rather more interesting as a structure if Richard Rogers had in fact had something to do with its design.

Are there any warnings posted about two men sharing it?

Having now had a look at the video, I agree.

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Can’t agree more. Great to have good coffee but cooking food is one of the main things in my book whether roughing it in a tent or glamping.

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