Lovely watercolor illustrations of The Silmarillion's first chapter

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That’s gorgeous, thank you.

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I have always been astounded that people who were fairly fervent Christians of the most boring sort (of a most boring religion to begin) with could also come up with two of the most incredibly lovely creation mythologies.

C.S. Lewis in Narnia and Tolkien in this. Both left me speechless when I encountered them for the first time. Lewis borrowed from existing mythology if I am not mistaken (and improved the story massively) but Tolkien made this out of new cloth of the finest sort and fashioned a garment a hundred times better than any religion I have read of has managed to come up with in ten thousand years of human tale-spinning.


Tolkien wasn’t working totally from scratch—he was riffing off medieval Judeo-Christian ideas about creation. But they are lovely riffs!

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WOW! so glad boingboing is my home page.
Made my day!

You might like his take on some other myths as explored in the Space Trilogy, if you haven’t already.

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