University of Oxford acquires rare map of Middle-earth annotated by Tolkien

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I see no clearly marked places for potty breaks…


Very few people know he did original watercolor and ink illustrations for the hobbit and the lord of the rings, and they are amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the originals in person.

I’ve also sat at his desk which is in a tiny college museum in Chicago…which also has the lewis wardrobe. Kinda neat to see in person if you are really into that sort of thing.


Cool. I am not a huge LotR/Tolkien fan. I mean I like his stuff, just not like a fanatic about it.

But my ex-wife was. When we went to England we went to his grave and to the bar him and C.S. Lewis and other hung out at (I like C.S. Lewis too.)

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Every station has them


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