See Tolkien's unpublished drawings of Middle-earth and his entire literary universe

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Oh my God. I may need this.


That’s kind of cool, but I feel like they’ve been milking LOTR for a long long time. I feel that way about Dune too, but I actually like Dune.

True. For example I didn’t bother to get The Children of Hurin, but depending on how new how many of the drawings are, this could actually be interesting.

my question is, if the man himself produced gridded topo maps, why’d we get the off-brand line-art version in the paperbacks I read? should’ve been standard issue for every edition smh.

How new? The artist is dead, how new could they be?

Damn, son. A topographic map of Middle-Earth? Yes, please.

Just before his untimely passing at 81, Tolkien looked at his monstrous pile of maps, sketches and writings. “File, you fools!”


“…the majority of which have never been published before.”

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He managed to get a couple of publishable stories out of it all, there is this huge collection of stuff that is painful reading, to be honest. The Sillmarillipn and Unfinished Tales… I tried to be a good and read then. I really tried. They’re a cure for insomnia.

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