Low cost mechanical pencil with a hard-to-break tip

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And for once, it’s cheaper in Canada - retail!

I have the exact same problem. I buy .9mm lead mechanical pencils instead.

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I’ve been tempted by Zebra’s multipen for a while…

I’ve had horrible luck with zebras lately. All sorts of jams.

Lately I’ve been using a pentel p1035 (Sharp Kerry). But I’ve not had it longer than a few months.

My favorite that I have is this one.

with a .9mm lead. I think they only make them with bigger leads now. I also have some cheapie .7mm ones that I can’t remember the name of that are actually pretty awesome.

Now if they could combine this with Uni’s Kuru-Toga’s lead-rotation engine that would be one helluva pencil-one that uou can press hard and it keeps a sharp point.


Muji sell a copy of the Pentel Graph Gear 1000 that is my fave.

Anyone know of water soluble graphite leads for mechanical pencils? There are loads of water soluble wooden pencils but no leads. I don’t care about the width.

I can’t really comment on the quality, since I use it comparatively infrequently, and perhaps you have something different in mind, here’s something that’s marketed towards sewers.


(Joann’s plays pricing games-- 40 percent off is a standard, albeit periodic discount. Also, they come in various colors)

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‘marketed for sewers’…

I hope it’s autoclave-able.

Whats average user force on a pencil anyway? 10 newtons seems excessive.

i’m not sure i liked how the metal tip of their pencil drags in intervals, that would probably make it unusable for me for drawing. i hardly ever break leads though, so this isn’t really an issue for me. have any artists tried these for drawing?

where i live they sell pencil leads of all the various diameters in a range of the standard hard/soft, as well as a few color alternatives. if people with breaking problems are writing, they may not be using the ideal hardness of lead for writing.

i have quite a few favorite mechanical pencils, but i load each one with different lead and use them for different purposes in sketching. I also use a lot of non-mechanical pencils for drawing, I love woodless ones. For writing, I’m a pen only kind of guy. I love my mechanical watercolor pencils.


Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Broken pencil.

Broken pencil who?

Never mind. It’s pointless.


I came here to post that. If it’s a choice between this and Kuru-Toga, I will have to stick with the Kuru-Toga.

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Nice i will check those out

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