Lynda Barry's "Making Comics" is one of the best, most practical books ever written about creativity

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I’ve been a fan of cartoonist, novelist and memoirist Lynda Barry for decades, long before she was declared a certified genius; Barry’s latest book, Making Comics is an intensely practical, incredibly inspiring curriculum for finding, honing and realizing your creativity through drawing and writing.


This looks interesting and fun. Maybe I should get a copy and get back in touch with my inner, unemployed, under-applied, comicbook artist self.


Annnddd bought.

Lynda Barry is a treasure. I hadn’t journaled in years when I thought I’d give her 4 minute daily diaries a try. I didn’t stick with those specifically but they got me back in the habit and it’s been amazing.


“Lynda Barry is funk-queen of the Universe.” - Matt Groening

I agree, and use this incantation whenever her name is spoke as sort of a “And also with you”.


She’s on Instagram as thenearsightedmonkey, and has been occasionally posting sample pages, too.


I was standing behind her waiting in line for the atm once some 30 years ago when I lived in Chicago. I thought, holy shit that’s Linda fucking Berry! I love her! But I was too shy to say anything.


Local library has it on order & already there is a hold on every copy. So glad that we are not her only fans. She deserves all the love for finding her own style & sticking with it, & then not content with saving herself, teaching others to do the same.

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