Mac users: turn any webpage into an app with Fluid

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I make extensive use of a similar (and more maintained?) Chrome-based tool called Epichrome, this pattern is indispensable for me :nerd_face:

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My first inclination when I read this was to say “Why not just install an addon that allows you to switch off notifications for a timespan?” and then I went and looked and there isn’t any…

Seems like a pretty obvious bit of handy functionality so I guess that means that addons don’t have the rights to manage notification permisisons…

If Bellamy truly considers notifications to be “shit”, one wonders why they agreed to receive those notifications in the first place.

You could set a bookmark to about:preferences#content and click on “do not disturb?”

Fluid, and other apps and websites also have another use case: when you have web apps you use often and want to use the task switcher to access them, or if you want them to open on a specific desktop. I use that for apps Trello, Miro, Workflowy, Confluence, Jira etc.

Well, I can see the case for them being useful under some circumstances and annoying under others. Having a button in FF (or other web browser of your choice) to switch them on/off would be handy for this case.

Still relevant


The existence of this tool sure makes the pox of electron-based ‘applications’ look even lazier(at best; some do take advantage of not being fully browser-based to implement additional vulnerabilities).

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