Use this app and you'll never miss a deadline again

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But, then you don’t get that whooshing sound!


Unless it can stop me from reading BoingBoing, I’m not sure it’s going to help…


well you can always ask the dragon for a self imposed time out…


And best of all is its companion Android app for your pho… what? Desktop only? Uh, never mind. Go back to what you were doing.

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The class of app that seems to be doomed to perpetual.mediocrity to me is scheduling apps. Never has there been a class of application that so perfectly and quickly seems to get people to say the phrase, “Oh, you can’t do that with this.”

“Sorry, mobile only.”
“Sorry, desktop only.”
“Sorry, Apple only.”
“You can’t make a to do list with no specified time frame.”
“You can’t set two reminders at the same time.”
“You can’t schedule concurrent events or events within events.”
“You can’t change the weekly start day.”
“You can’t link a task from days you work on it to due dates.”

Yes, I know specific apps will do some of these specific things, but there is no one app that has sufficient flexibility to actually do the job I want it to.


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